2017 Zoe / Melkart / Paris

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''Zοe'' continues her journey and she is enjoying every step of the way. She moves and she carries the excitement of her emotions with her,
she falls in love, she gets moved and redeemed, she has faith, she loves, she admires, she participates, she feels confident, she appreciates,
she enjoys freedom and life, she makes dreams within never forgetting her roots and goes on.
''Zoe'' is always present in Sophia Gaitani's paintings as both a leading lady and an observer, representing the truth and love of the moment. Here and everywhere.
Recording and describing a world as she would like it to be.
Maybe as it should be, in general.
Reflecting the power of a carefree skepticism. 
Moving and persistent for life itself. 
She took her first steps in Athens, traveled all over Greece
and spread her wings heading to the most beautiful cities abroad.
It is certain that a person's true country is where there heart lies and ''Zoe'' feels that.
An open minded leading lady who surrenders to the beauty of images and realizes that true magic, the importance in life is to see, not just look.
It has never crossed her mind that she might not be able to make
new friends, because she does not speak their language.
Besides, every ''Zoe'' of the world laughs and cries in the same language.
Who can think of something more beautiful than being true
to who you are and what you feel. Not being afraid of what you fear.
Being able to rejoice joy. Letting go. Feelings and emotions. 
The most beautiful words, the deepest images ''told'' in all of the people's common language. Life itself! 
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