2010 City Color, City Words / Sismanoglu Megaro / Istanbul

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The city is an open communication space, brainstorming,
collegiality and my personal artistic search.
My tables mirror the light and atmosphere of a sweet remembrance
of my wanderings through the City.
Scenes with the city moving, vivid colors and bright light, images everyday conversations on the street, created my feelings of joy
and sweet melancholy, deep emotional connection with the city,
a unique dreamy feeling, a unique exciting journey.
50x150 50x50 50x150 Turkish Alphabet 50x150 70x70 50x150 120x120 120x120 120x120 120x120 30x200 120x120 50x150 120x120 Constantinopolitan Alphabet 30x200 Greek alphabet 30x200 50x150